Long Live The Fighters for The 96

“2.2.12 The Match Commander in 1989 was C/Supt Duckenfield. As in 1988, SYP’s Assistant Chief Constable for Operations, Walter Jackson, assumed overall control of planning and operational policing on the day.”

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“2.2.96 . . . ACC Jackson’s assessment of C/Supt Duckenfield was that he did a ‘superb job’, describing him as ‘calm, cool, collected and he was good with his staff, and we worked well together in the box’.”



1. After far, far, too many years of witnessing so little done, and so much deceit, for so great a cause, we the undersigned unequivocally announce a complete and utter breakdown of TRUST with regards to the British establishment, and their blatant refusal to mete out appropriate JUSTICE, and elicit real TRUTH over the catastrophic events which occurred at Hillsborough, during that fateful day on 15th April 1989.

2. We unequivocally denounce a system which an understating chair of the Hillsborough Family Support Group Margaret Aspinall, on 28th November 2019, correctly declared was morally wrong.

3. We utterly deplore the fact that the establishment has deviously hidden the Truth about former ACC WALTER JACKSON, who was in overall control of planning and overall policing on that day.

4. We will not rest until ACC Walter W. Jackson is brought to the justice he so richly deserves, as highlighted in The Hillsborough Ripple-Effect documentary film - http://JforJustice.net/thre.html.

5. We will simply not tolerate the Truth being brushed under the carpet any longer, and we will no longer accept a wall of silence surrounding WALTER JACKSON’S under a table compromised state.

6. The Writing is on the Wall, and many, many institutions ranging from the government, to the police and judiciary, have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.

7. We utterly deplore how the establishment, whose leader Elizabeth made a solemn oath to maintain the Laws of God to the utmost of her power, has rewarded many, many of the chief architects of the Hillsborough cover-up with knighthoods, queen’s medals, and all such manner of filthy baubles and lucre.

8. We wholeheartedly praise all the Hillsborough heroes and all the genuine efforts made to elicit the hidden truth about the disaster. They are simply too numerous to mention here, but we single out Professor Phil Scraton for his search for The TRUTH, and for setting a fine example in declining Elizabeth’s offer of a gong to him.

9. We wish to express gratitude to the fine example set by the unsung heroes of the families of the 96, and the survivors and all their supporters and friends who continue to fight the good fight with dignity, grace, and good humour.

10. Without any personal criticism whatsoever, we call upon a much loved hero Kenny Dalglish who humbly read out “Footprints in The Sand“, in 2016, outside St. George’s Hall, having accomplished extra-ordinary things both on and off the pitch, to really start the ball rolling, and return his medal to Elizabeth forthwith, for the sake of Truth and Justice of The 96, and the restoration and well-being of our once Great Nation.

11. Next we thank James Jones for his invaluable work in chairing the Hillsborough Independent Panel, and in authoring the report entitled: “The Patronising Disposition of Unaccountable Power”, but note that since its publication, things have gotten many, many times worse, instead of many times better. We call and beseech the prayerful bishop, famous for his praying Jesus’ Parable of The Unjust Judge and Persistent widow, to return his medal to Elizabeth forthwith, for the sake of The Truth and Justice for The 96, and the restoration and well-being of our once Great Nation.

12. In expressing immense thanks and gratitude to Margaret Aspinall for all her efforts over the years, we call upon her, as that Persistent and Prayerful Widow used by James Jones, to return her gong to Elizabeth forthwith, for the sake of Truth and Justice for The 96, and the restoration and well-being of our once Great Nation.

13. In expressing immense thanks and gratitude to Trevor Hicks over the years, we call upon him, as The President of the HFSG, to return his medal to Elizabeth, forthwith for the sake of Truth and Justice for The 96, and the restoration and well-being of our once Great Nation.

14. Last, but by no means least, we demand a public explanation from Elizabeth, as to how in God’s Name, can she reconcile the following: the solemnly sworn Coronation Oath and her promise to God, and the nation; with all the evil that has been allowed to happen during her fraudulent 67 year reign, including over the ongoing Hillsborough cover-up, while simultaneously rewarding many, many of the arch-villains of the piece.



This petition is sponsored by The Gibraltar Messenger, in part because the top police officer here on The Rock, namely Commissioner Ian McGrail has very publicly and visually lent his support to the JFT96 cause.”

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Sarah perry 17.09.2020 at 22:44
JFT96 GBNF YNWA justice is still needed for the families.
Boyd procter 17.09.2020 at 22:15
Sheila Niemczyk 17.09.2020 at 14:52
Justice For The 96. YNWA
Jenny Leyland MBE 17.09.2020 at 08:08
Robbie Irving 17.09.2020 at 01:05
The families still need justice ynwa
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